Enjoy a day trip around Jogashima Island, a two Michelin star island,
with a good value Keikyu Misaki Maguro Ticket and a convenient traveling app Smart Buddy.

Course features
The Miura Peninsula is a scenic spot surrounded by the sea and overlooking Mt. Fuji.
Enjoy getting around with a 'Good Value Misaki Marugo Ticket' that comes with railway/bus tickets and a lunch voucher to enjoy local specialty tuna. You can explore Jogashima and Misaki area where untouched nature remains by a rental bike.
You'll see much more by traveling on a bike while checking must-see spots on Smart Buddy app that supports foreign languages. Enjoy an excursion and the scenery of Miura that can only be seen by cycling around!
Itinerary introduction

Keihin Kyuko Shinagawa Station >> Misakiguchi Station

Rail way

About 65min(65.7km)

Misakiguchi Station >> Misaki Port


About 15min(5.89km)

Enjoy a Misaki Maguro (tuna) lunch and cycle around Kainan Shrine near Misaki Port

By bicycle

About 20min(4.0km)

Cycle around Jogashima Island(Abosaki Lighthouse, Umanose Doumon, etc.)
DMO MIURA Hanto Peninsula Destination Management Organization (DMO)
Inquiry information
■About Misaki Maguro Ticket, Trains and Buses:
Keikyu Information Center
(Business hours: 09:00-17:00)

■About Smart Buddy
Website URL (Japanese only) https://miurakankonavi.com/
"Smart Buddy"
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