DMC Greater Yokohama Inc.



Theme Party

【Kawasaki horse racetrack VIP room party】

Elegant and high-class VIP room with a private balcony opened in 2016.
The VIP room is located on the third floor of the Stand 1 building that looks across the entire racetrack, allowing you to enjoy thrilling horse races from up close. You can sponsor races that have your company’s name.

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【Ichijo Ekan Mountain Villa】

The 9th Prince of the Emperor Go-Yozei (the 107th Emperor of Japan: 1585-1611) Ichijo Ekan (1605-1672) lived in this mountain villa tea house where grace and rusticity still exist. The villa was designed by Ekan himself. The villa is perfect for a special Japanese style dinner or feast for a small group, as well as holding a tea ceremony, and for making Japanese confectionary.

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【The Special Event Space】

The Special Event Space embodies the concept of a high-quality playground for grown-ups. The club caters the following 3 unique lounges: an art lounge where various artwork is displayed, a bar lounge where various cocktails are served that are produced by one of the top bartenders in Japan, and an amusement club lounge where classical games like billiards, table tennis and darts are available with eye-catching artwork and projection mapping.


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Team Building

【Sail The Ship Challenge!!!】

This is a team building program on a large sailboat used for sea training.
While learning the necessary knowledge for sailing the boat under the supervision of training officers, participants are assigned to one of the four major roles in maneuvering, and set sail from Yokohama port.

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【Amazing Race In Yokohama City!!!】

Fun challenge while hopping around tourist attractions!
On receiving your team’s mission sheet at the starting point, everyone executes their tasks at each designated tourist attraction. After completing the tasks, teams receive points depending on their produced outcome.

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【Rakugo Workshop】

Rakugo is a traditional style of comical story telling. The program features Japan’s popular Rakugo culture and the workshop includes musical accompaniment before Hanashika (story tellers) appear on a stage and begin their unique behavioral act using two props during their performance – a folding fan and a hand towel.

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【Tairyobata Making】

Tairyobata is a fisherman’s banner hoisted to indicate a significant catch when returning to port.
The banner is also a message to the fisherman’s family letting them know of their safe return.
Nowadays, Tairyobata are sent to those who recently built a ship to pray for its safe navigation and for a good catch.

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