DMC Greater Yokohama Inc.

Why Yokohama?

Yokohama has been the driving force for what Japan is today since the door to Japan’s modernization opened there back in the Samurai era. The charm of Yokohama lies in the port town’s hustle and bustle since the time when Japan’s main transport network was the seaway. The city also has a refined atmosphere, having a good mix of foreign cultural influences.
Now, Yokohama is definitely the second most famous city in Japan next to Tokyo.
The urban functionality of Yokohama provides everything you need for MICE events as typified by the anchored convention venue Pacifico Yokohama.

Access to many of Japan’s well-known cultural and historical landmarks* from Yokohama is unrivaled with any other city in Japan.
*Kamakura City: the symbol of Japan’s Samurai culture;
*Hakone and Mount Fuji: examples of abundant nature;
*Miura Peninsula: known as the “kitchen” for Yokohama and Tokyo areas